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Everything You Need to Know

Griffith University in partnership with MEAA is preparing an installation to mark the recently announced closure of regional and community print newspapers in Queensland. 


The Legacy project has three parts:

  • A physical installation of all the newspapers published in their final week of print: We intend to collect a hardcopy of all publications and exhibit these physical copies in one single public space to illustrate the volume of work produced by regional and community journalists in a publishing week, and what it is that communities stand to lose. This installation will also be accompanied by a short history of each paper.

  • Photographs of the final days in these newsrooms and printing presses - particularly those of staff going about their routine work. They can be snapshots or professional photographic work.

  • Hand written reflections and musings from journalists, photographers, subs and other editorial staff who currently work or have previously worked in these newsrooms.


The installation is designed to illustrate the sheer mass of regional coverage that is being digitised, homogenised or lost in its entirety with the closure or onlining of these newspapers - many of them publications of record.


The installation project will be held at Griffith University's southbank campus and we are currently scoping out other locations including the State Library of Queensland.


To be advised. We were aiming for mid-August, around the same time the Ekka would usually be celebrated in Brisbane, but a second wave of COVID-19 cases, the continued closure of potential gallery spaces and reinstated public gathering restrictions have forced us to postpone. We will continue to work on the project and collect material, and will reschedule a public even when conditions allow.


The project is being facilitated by MEAA State delegate, Griffith University journalism academic and former APN journalist Dr Kasun Ubayasiri (Rural Weekly) and Former APN journalist Linda Brady (Morning Bulletin, Whitsunday Times, Queensland Times), with the assistance of Griffith University journalism students and alumni.